"Beatbuddy" Challenges Your Sense of Ryhtym This Summer

From the award winning composer behind 'Journey'.

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Beatbuddy is one of those games that makes us grateful that indie-devs are still creating such innovative fare. 

Beatbuddy is a PC and Mac music and rhythm adventure heading to Steam this summer. The game features patent-pending sound technology that syncs in-game animations with the beat, enabling players to experience music in a brand new way.

Industry veterans are the driving force behind this indie outing. BAFTA-nominated writer Rhianna Pratchett, the video game scriptwriter behind the Tomb Raider rebootOverlord series, and Mirror’s Edge, has teamed up with Grammy-nominated musician Austin Wintory, the guy we can all thank for the amazing soundtrack on Journey, to lend their talents to Beatbuddy. Watch the trailer to see Beatbuddy in action and check out the the demo on Steam, for free.

Full disclosure: I'm terrible at any sort of music/rythym game.

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