A$AP Rocky's "Dope" and 4 Other Sundance Movies Worth Risking Frostbite For

Sundance is under way in Park City, Utah and these five films are not to be missed.

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I'm pretty sure this is how you lose a toe

You step off a plane in Park City, Utah for the the 30th annual Sundance Film Festival, realize you're woefully under-prepared for single digit temperatures, and the elements shortly have their way with you. My pinky toe ring will be missed. Luckily there are dozens of venues screening hundreds of movies that are well-heated and won't notice the blood seeping out from your toe stump sticking out of your Birkenstocks. I've never felt maliciously aggressive snow, but rest assured, it exists. Out of the hundreds of movies being shown, these five are worth the permanent disfigurement. Hopefully they get scooped up for major studio distribution, but if you're out here freezing in Mormon country, do not miss these five films.

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