Typically, New Year's parties reach peak turntness when the ball drops. Not in Boston, where shit really heats up feet enter mouths and digits are bitten off.

According to the Boston Globe, a woman had a toe bitten off early yesterday morning following a fight at a friend's party in the city's Dorchester neighborhood. The trouble reportedly began when she approached another woman at the party and asked if she wanted to hook up. The other woman's emasculated boyfriend figured he'd prove how masculine he was by grabbing the victim by the neck and yanking her hair. 

When he finally released her, she complained to the party's host, who refused to believe her and accused her of sullying the event. The victim claims the host attacked her, punching her several times until other guests broke the fight up. When she tried to flee, the host attacked her outside the party, eventually biting one of the toes on her left foot off.

She was taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment. As for her friendship with the host of the party, you can't bite someone's toe off and still be cool with them; you just can't. That's not something the two of you can laugh about over brunch on a random Sunday afternoon.

[via Boston Globe]