Rob Kardashian's New Boo Alexis Skyy Opens Up: 'I Love Rob'

In response to Blac Chyna's new boo, Alexis Skyy explained that her new relationship with Rob Kardashian is genuine.

Television personality Rob Kardashian attends the Sky Beach Club.

Image via Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Television personality Rob Kardashian attends the Sky Beach Club.

Love and Hip Hop's Alexis Skyy has addressed critics of her and Rob Kardashian's budding romance. 

Skyy and Kardashian's relationship began stirring rumors when the two started sprinkling "WCW" and "bae" references on their social media accounts. However, the Instagram model and the often forgotten member of the Kardashian dynasty must have known that their new romance was going to get Blac Chyna's attention.

Before Rob and Alexis' public displays of affection, Skyy and Chyna nearly went head-to-head at a Los Angeles party in early January. According to Skyy, the beef started after Chyna threw a drink at her. After Chyna and Skyy exchanged some expected shade at one another on social, Skyy confronted Chyna's newest boyfriend, rapper Kid Buu, about his implication that she was only with Rob because of his particularly famous last name. 

Buu reignited the four-way beef when he aimed Skyy and Kardashian's relationship in the comments section of the Love and Hip Hop star's Instagram photo. “You really wit robs fat ass for love or is it just for clout?" he wrote. Skyy then clapped the hell back by insinuating that Buu's relationship with Chyna is centered around their mutual love of stimulants. "Are you with Chyna to sell her coke or just to sniff it with her?" Skyy asked. She continued by asserting that her feelings for Kardashian are genuine, “to answer your question…I love rob.”

Despite rumors that Rob and Alexis are dating in order to spite Blac Chyna, Kardashian took to Twitter to shut down the skeptics. "Me and Alexis known each other for 5 years so stop with that," he wrote. 

Despite seemingly sending her man to rev up her battles, Chyna has yet to comment on Rob's new romance publicly. However, her love of the spotlight indicates that's bound to change. 

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