Kylie Jenner Reportedly Has 'Serious Trust Issues' With Travis Scott

A source close to the makeup mogul claimed that Kylie and Travis' relationship remains rocky amid the rumors that the rapper cheated on her.

kylie jenner travis scott

Image via Getty/Valerie Macon

kylie jenner travis scott

Last month, bored pop culture obsessives suspected that the work of Kris Jenner was at play when reports surfaced alleging Travis Scott was caught cheating on girlfriend Kylie Jenner amid the Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson saga. According to, you guessed it, TMZ, the relationship between the makeup mogul and her rapper boyfriend became rocky after Jenner looked through Scott's phone and found Instagram evidence of his infidelity. 

A month has passed, and the omnipresent gossip website is reporting that a source close to the couple has claimed that Kylie and Travis have only communicated intermittently, and their relationship remains damaged from the cheating allegations. Kylie reportedly has "serious trust issues" when it comes to Stormi's father, and his constant tour-related traveling certainly hasn't helped. The "self made billionaire" is also reportedly gearing up for more product launches, which has apparently crowded her schedule.

Despite the suspected disloyalty, Scott made sure Kylie knew he was thinking of her when he sported a hoodie with his girlfriend's portrait plastered across the front, while attending a Rockets/Warriors NBA game Wednesday. The ASTROWORLD rapper also deactivated his Instagram to "prove his commitment" to Kylie, which is almost as disheartening as the fact that in 2019 many would consider that to be a noble gesture. It took less than a month for him to reactivate it. 

Scott also tried to prove his loyalty by giving the reality star a shout out during his Madison Square Garden performance when he told the audience to "keep your family first." Although the media makes mountains out of molehills every time one of the Kardashians breathes, the source confirmed to TMZ that the couple is confident that they will be able to work through their issues. 

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