People Are Convinced Kylie’s Baby Reveal on Super Bowl Sunday Was the Work of Kris Jenner

Could America's favorite momager really pull off such a brilliant PR stunt?

kris jenner

Image via Getty/Axelle

kris jenner

Kylie Jenner finally dropped the baby bomb, which let's be honest, is the only thing that could distract the country from the biggest sports event of the year. 

Jenner and Scott decided to enjoy the pregnancy out of the limelight despite being under constant media scrutiny, a decision that shocked many given the Kardashian/Jenner tendency to soak in public attention like sunlight. Many celebrities, including Iggy Azalea, expressed their support over Twitter, and jokingly acknowledged how the earth stopped after the news broke. 

However people are convinced that this reveal, with a 10 minute video that could make just about anyone shed a lil tear, could only be the work of America's favorite momager—Kris Jenner. To the surprise of no one, Kris Jenner began trending on Twitter shortly after Kylie's announcement as everyone celebrated her handle on media manipulation. 

I mean I guess it could be a coincidence, but then again Kris Jenner does have powers most of us have never even heard of. 

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