YouTube Musician Plays Smooth Nintendo Grooves on Banjo (Video)

YouTube user Banjo Guy Ollie brings together the Legend of Zelda and the banjo for a surprising combination.

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Who knew that The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and the banjo could make for such an appealing combination? The Zelda series is known for its various musical accompaniments, whether initiated by an ocarina, harp, or conductor's wand. However, YouTube user Banjo Guy Ollie has decided to add his own, unique flavor to the franchise's musical atmosphere by plucking out a tune from A Link to the Past on his banjo. 

The song is the game's Darkworld theme, which is played when Link is wandering through the realm that has been taken over by Ganon. The original theme is a thundering, military-style track with a dark and ominous tone. Ollie's rendition gives the song a smoother, softer touch. Listen to Ollie's version above, and the original track below. 

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