15 Ways Nintendo Can Save the Wii U

Iwata, we're here to help.


Nintendo's eighth-generation offering, the Wii U, has been floundering in the video gaming market nearly since the day it dropped. Whether it's issues with the system's GamePad, the disappointing and unfinished TVii, or the lack of quality gaming software, the Wii U is suffering from some major public perception problems right now. 

So how can Nintendo turn the tides on this fiasco? How can they save their console from going the way of the Dreamcast? Will the proud video game giant be able to compete in the future with the souped-up systems coming out of Microsoft and Sony? Maybe if they follow our advice. To give Miyamoto and Iwata a much-needed hand, we came up with 15 Ways Nintendo Can Save the Wii U. It's time to hit the Reset button, guys. 

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Construct a concrete identity for the console.

Come out with a challenging Mario platformer.

Lower the price.

Step up the Wii U's hardware game.

Ditch the Miiverse's family-friendly rules.

Build out the TVii application.

Announce a Zelda title that isn't a reboot.

Create a killer FPS for the system.

Build a better Internet.

Design a more streamlined GamePad.

Emphasize the benefits of dual-screen gaming.

Re-inspire support from third party developers.

Get back in EA's good graces.

Give us some good news.

Reinvigorate older Nintendo franchises.

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