Mark Hamill Tells Fans What 'Star Wars' Meme Makes Him Cringe Whenever He Sees It

On Monday, Mark Hamill revealed to his Twitter followers which popular Luke Skywalker/'Star Wars' meme "makes me cringe every time I see it."

Mark Hamill

Image via Getty/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill has addressed the meme in which he, as Luke Skywalker on the set of A New Hope, stares down the barrel of a lightsaber without the slightest concern that he may accidentally send it through his eye socket/brain, and out the back of his own head.

In his words the thing “makes me cringe every time I see it.” 

“I don’t remember doing this in the movie. I think it’s just an on-set production still, otherwise Obi-Wan wouldn’t look so remarkably unconcerned,” Hamill added. That would be correct (meaning it’s not in the movie). Hamill was shared the meme by a fan with the specific caption “Handed the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy —  Immediately points at face.” 

Alright, enough killing time. Here’s the tweet:

Earlier in the month Hamill also filled in followers on some trivia regarding this on-set birthday cake pic. Cue the embed:

“While shooting on location for the original #StarWars in Tunisia-North Africa, [producer] Gary Kurtz, [writer and director] George Lucas & I raised a styrofoam cup half-filled with warm champagne to toast Alec Guinness on his 62nd birthday. That was on Friday, April 2nd 1976. (I Googled it),” he said.

Granted Star Wars fans probably knew and discussed this stuff years ago, but for the rest of us lay people we’re now informed. 

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