Kanye West Brings Sunday Service to Howard Homecoming

Saturday morning Sunday Service.

Kanye West Sunday Service

Image via Getty/Johnny Nunez

Kanye West Sunday Service

On Saturday morning, Kanye West made a stop at the nation's capital for a semi-surprise Sunday Service appearance for Howard University's homecoming.

The show was announced overnight, but had sold out by 8 a.m.

According toNBC Washington, West performed on the school's quad for an early-rising crowd. He hopped onstage wearing a tan coat, while "performing new verses and raising his hands to the sky for the worship-style show." Also performing at the event was singer/Kanye's cousin Tony Williams, who sung many of the service's early songs in addition to conducting the choir. 

.@kanyewest and choir brought “Fade” to the Yard! #HUHC19 #HowardHomecoming pic.twitter.com/dy6P0Pnc2j
Amazing music and sounds at “Sunday Service” from @kanyewest and choir. #HUHC19 #HowardHomecoming @TerrenceJ pic.twitter.com/0WVwzV7bH0
Performing his timeless classic “Jesus Walks” from his album, The College Dropout, @kanyewest closes out “Sunday Service” for #HowardHomecoming . @PUSHA_T #HUHC19 pic.twitter.com/NqwEJU82mb

Kim Kardashian was in attendance, too, along with the couple's kids. Kardashian tweeted out an image with North and Saint West, both of whom could be seen on Kanye's shoulders during the show.

NBC adds that Halim Steward and Momolu Stewart went on stage to tell their stories. Both men are from D.C. and were convicted of murder when they were teenagers. Kardashian had taken a special interest in the case of Stewart and wrote a letter in support of his release following 20+ years of incarceration.

The show at Howard represents just one of at least two opportunities for D.C. area college students to watch West in person, as he also announced a surprise "Kanye West Experience," centered around his new album that's set to take place at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium. That event is slated for 2 p.m. on Saturday and, unfortunately if you're just hearing about it now, is sold out.

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