Tastes Like Burning: A "Simpsons" Trivia Quiz

How well do you know "The Simpsons"?

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Ay caramba! Tomorrow, The Simpsons will turn 25 years old. Since its first episode aired on December 17, 1989, Fox's animated series has been a household name; two and a half decades later, and currently in its 26th season, The Simpsons is still going strong. The longest running American sitcom, The Simpsons is a cultural institution whose name you can mention anywhere and surely someone will chime in with his or her favorite episode, character, and/or reference.

It's no surprise that creator Matt Groening's hilarious show has lasted this long—the yellow-skinned family from Springfield has gone through just about every type of shenanigan you can imagine, even sparking a running joke started by South Park: "Simpsons did it!" Which is to say, there's virtually no comedic act, dangerous stunt, or social commentary that The Simpsons hasn't already covered. What really makes the show amazing, though, is its vast and spectacular supporting players that make up Springfield's population. From Krusty the Clown to Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders, each has their own completely distinguishable personality and seems to be as recognizable worldwide as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

The following The Simpsons quiz is meant to, as they say, separate the men from the boys. With a ride range of questions pertaining to seasons new and old, it's designed for The Simpsons Super Fan™. You know, those die-hards who've stayed with the series even through the globally acknowledged weaker seasons of late. If you identify as such but find yourself struggling here, well, then you can just "Eat Our Shorts!"

Written and constructed by contributing writer and diehard Simpsons fan Justin O'Reilly. He tweets here.





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