Shia LaBeouf Wrote A Horror Screenplay

And A$AP Yams is involved...

Image via DreamWorks Pictures

So Shia LaBeouf, Eli Roth and A$AP Yams walk into a bar...and later come out with a kickass idea for a horror movie? We have no idea how these three seemingly disparate celebrities actually came together, but that appears to be the case. Shia tweeted a photo of a screenplay titled Kill the Architect, written by him, and tagged his rap buddy Cage, Yams, Roth and horror network Chiller TV, accompanied by an ominous, vaguely philosophical pseudo-tagline "A hungry dog hunts best."

Apparently they start in January. What exactly? Filming? Is it a miniseries event that begins airing in January? Is Roth directing or just producing? Is Shia now a part of A$AP Mob? So many questions, and zero answers for now. We do know that Cage recently released an album, also titled Kill the Architect. The "3 part visual accompaniment" in the bottom left of the cover page would suggest that the two are linked, but that's the only conclusion we can draw, for now. Stay tuned for more info as it's released.

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