Sanaa Lathan Confirms She's Dating French Montana

French Montana is Sanaa Lathan's perfect guy irl.

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Just when you thought French Montana would never get over his seemingly One True Love Khloé Kardashian, Hollywood romance has found the Bronx rapper once again. Turns out, he's traded up from reality TV to full-time bona fide actress: he's dating Sanaa Lathan, star of classics like Love & Basketball,Brown Sugar and new box office hit The Perfect Guy. Sanaa more-or-less confirmed it on Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show this morning when, upon Big Boy's direct interrogation she coyly responds "I am dating" while doing nothing to dispel that French is the, ahem, perfect guy in question. It's only audio but you can basically hear her smiling through the non-direct answer. How beautiful that French has a new, gorgeous lady to pull up to La Marina with for the remainder of the summer. Yell out hannh one time today because love is alive. Peep the 4:00 min mark of the video below to hear it for yourself.

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*(This would explain why Sanaa didn't capitalize on the moment we shared last Friday when she visited Complex HQ and I told her where the bathroom is. You lucky dog, Montana.)

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