Today is a dark one. We survived a summer full of relentless Jay Z and Beyoncé breakup rumors only to be sneak attacked by the news that French Montana and Khloé Kardashian are calling it quits during these dog days of summer. They didn't even make it to Thanksgiving.

The official word is that they're on a "break," and a lovelorn French is hard at work trying to get them back on track. Fingers crossed for those crazy kids, but in the meantime we're left to wonder where it all went wrong. How did we go from French and Khloé creeping around from her fam like high schoolers, romantic strolls through the BX, exotic getaways, and Frenchy cheesing for the paparazzi at every turn, to this?

After some brainstorming, we came up with a few reasons that might've caused Klénch (trying this out? no?) to hit the skids. Spoiler: none of these reasons involve Kris Jenner. In the meantime, stay up, Montana, and whatever you do, don't repeat Ross Geller's mistake.