'Fantastic Four' Is So Trash 'Fantastic Four' Star Kate Mara Still Hasn't Seen It

Just when you thought the bad press for this movie couldn't get any funnier.

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Actors being too insecure to view their own work is pretty common in Hollywood, even for the vets. But when an actress admits she still hasn't watched her most recent movie, which happens to be one of the most critically panned box office bombs of the summer, it reads less like a mere Thespian Quirk and more like another giant LOL heaped on the movie's growing trash pile.

In an interview with the Times, Kate Mara revealed that, despite making up one-fourth of the titular superhero group as Sue Storm, she still hasn't seen Fantastic Four. And she didn't mince words about why she hasn't: it's definitely because of the bad reviews, lmao. (This also confirms the obvious, that stars regularly walk red carpet premieres only to skip the actual premiere.) Mara also addressed director Josh Trank's infamous tweet regarding the movie, calling it "highly disappointing" and clarifying: "It was a tricky shoot, but you know… When you know when you’re shooting it that a film isn’t going to be what you want it to be? That was not the case at all." Pretty classy, considering most of the on-set tension rumors specifically highlighted Trank being rude towards her.

But then again, either Kate Mara is taking the PC road with her comments because she likes work and doesn't want to be blacklisted like Trank probably is, or she really has no idea just how trash the film ended up being. She later adds that she's "bummed because [she and rumored bf co-star Jamie Bell] have no idea if we'll ever make another one." Watch the film and pray that you don't, Kate, even as Simon Kinberg tries in vain to make it happen.

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