Who Is the Most Hip-Hop Kardashian Sister?

Who, among the Kardashian women, is the most trill?

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Listen to every song on the top 10 of the urban charts: chances are high that half of them have at least two references to the Kardashian-Jenner goddesses. They haven't just permeated pop culture—at this point, they are pop culture, and if you're the kind of rapper to drop pop-culturally relevant bars, you must pay homage. You'd be hard pressed not to find Kim attached to Kanye's hip at all events, Khloe turning up, or Kendall and Kylie at every rapper's L.A. shows. from Drake and younger. So now the question must be asked: since they hang around the rap element so often, just how hip-hop are these ladies, really? We're here to answer this extremely pressing question with a definitive ranking. 

7. Kourtney

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Rapper Relationships: N/A

Co-signs: Every rapper Scott associates with tangentially

Cred: In a relationship with White Kanye

​Hip-Hop Rating: One pair of crisp Jordans out of 10

Love to Kourtney, but she’s the least lit of the whole Kardash squad. Until Scott Disick drops an album (G.O.O.D. Lord????) executive produced by his brother-in-law, or Mason, Penelope and Reign form a toddler supergroup, she will remain the soccer mom of all her sisters. (Ed. note: She did name a child Reign though, which is pretty hip-hop.)

6. Wildcard: Kris

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Rapper Relationships: N/A

Co-signs: Every rapper who associates with her daughters, most notably French Montana, The Game, and Kanye (duh)

Cred: Got Drake and Big Sean to play at Kylie's 16th birthday party; once went to a Rick Ross concert with P. Diddy

Hip-Hop Rating: 6 Platinum plaques out of 10

She's basically the Birdman of the family, the matriarch-executive running the reality-equivalent of a rap label that's on track to outlast the Roc. Put her on the next Forbes Cash Kings list.

5. Kendall

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4. Kim

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Rapper Relationships: Kanye

Co-signs: Everyone affiliated with Kanye

Cred: Immortalized in numerous rap songs as the Poster Chick for covetable white women

Hip-Hop Rating: 7.5 Yeezy Boosts out of 10

Bruh, Kim is basically married to the mob, and her husband is the rap game Henry Hill. Would she be at the BET Awards if she weren’t involved with a guy who makes rap music? Definitely, probably not. But she is, and that’s all that matters. Just think about how much unreleased heat she’s heard. All 97 different iterations of So Help Me God. All the G.O.O.D. Music bangers that ended up not making the Cruel Summer final cut. How many rappers not even affiliated with Kanye stop by West Manor to play new music? Points docked for having The-Dream on deck and still making a trash single, though. Let us pray that Yeezus never falls prey to marital pressure to help her make another one.

3. Kylie

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Rapper Relationships: Tyga (“rumored”), Jaden Smith (rumored)

Co-signs: Chris Brown, Drake, The-Game

Cred: Appears in PartyNextDoor’s “Recognize” video, filmed at Drake’s YOLO estate

Hip-Hop Rating: 7 Ratchet SnapChats out of 10

It’s deeper than halfway illicit-romances with Tyga. Even before her rapper neighbor put the moves on full speed, Kylie was out here as much as her age would incrementally allow, even crossing beef spectrums. Charity events with Chris Breezy, OVO music videos filmed at Drake’s YOLO estate: this is nothing for the youngest in the squad. And while the curves have her dressing girlier these days, the past few years her style was grounded in streetwear.  We’ll let the scholars and #influence attorneys decide who, between her and Kendall, gets what percentage of inspiring Young Jaden, but for now let’s just hope she inspires Tyga to start eliciting buzz for, you know, music again.

2. Khloé

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Rapper Relationships: French Montana

Co-signs: Diddy, Jay Z

Cred: Appears in “Don’t Panic” music video

Hip-Hop Rating: 8 handles of Ciroc out of 10

The youngest of the first tier Kardashian-family girls has always seemed like the coolest, and the most fun (not to mention the most gully). Incidentally, she's also always kept the company of rappers, even back when Scott was still dressing like a Montauk self-parody and Kim and Kanye were "just friends." When she's not turning up, she's taking lovely romantic strolls through the Bronx with Montana—Ko-Ko was very nearly the first lady of the Coke Boys until those two crazy kids broke it off. She's the only one that seems most at ease and comfortable whenever the fam is around the rap element. We're still rooting for her and French but until then, let's get her gooning in more videos, please.

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