Is This the Backpage That Zola Made for Jess? (UPDATE)

The plot thickens...

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UPDATE: Jessica's fiancé Travis Barczewski has issued us a statement regarding the validity of this apparent Backpage profile:

"We seen the link and the photos on the 'ad' are photos from Jessica's IG which have been deleted and photos that were sent to Jarrett while she was getting dressed for work at the strip club. We are confident that it was fabricated."

See original story below.

Wow, the plot thins and thickens on this Zola shit every day, b. After Zola set the internet on fire with her insane tale of strippers, prostitution, "hoeism" and murder, debates over the veracity of her story (and the ethics of aggregating her tweets to begin with) ran rampant. It sounded too wild to be true, but then Twitter surfaced stories of a shooting that lines up with Zola's setting. Then Jess herself reached out to us wherein she admitted that yes, she and Zola (known to her as Aziah) did travel to Florida for a strip trip. But as for the Backpage (for the uninitiated: basically a Craigslist for sex workers) full-on prostitution portion, Jess refuted Zola's claims that she was out here "trapping" and instead flipped the script—it was Zola who made a page and tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to embark on several uh, encounters.

So this is where Zola says that you started "trapping," having sex for money. Is that what happened?
That's not true in any way. So that night she starts telling me about how she does "extras" when she's in the clubs dancing. And she was the one who started talking to Z about getting on backpage and all of that. So basically she started attempting to do calls that night. Only one guy showed up, and when when she opened the door and he saw her, he said "no," and walked away. 

Zola lowkey countered:

My Attitude Will Amaze You, My Ariel Goddess Beauty Will Seduce you Guaranteed. If you want to stop wasting your time with NO ANSWERS, NO SHOWS, and FAKE PICS Give me a call, you will not be disappointed. Always been told more beautiful in person. INVIGORATING, SAFE, Clean, & Unrushed. l SPOIL ME & I WILL SPOIL YOU MORE. 
Companionship at it's finest.

Now, there's a new wrinkle that may support Zola's side of things. This appears to be a Backpage account for Jess, the one Zola says she created for her to boost Z's struggle trap operation. The woman in the pictures has a tattoo that seems to match the tats in pictures of Jess that Zola tweeted, and that may even be Zola in the background in the fifth picture down. Here's the bio for the page:

I'm not even going to pretend to as if I have any idea what, and who, to believe here. Who's telling the truth and who's lying? Are both stories half-true/half-embellished? Either way, you have to feel bad for Jess...even if she did lure Zola to Florida under false pretenses, she doesn't really deserve to have her business outed so publicly, but here we are. If Zola does indeed glo up and get paid over this, Jess lowkey deserves a cut tbh.

We reached out to Jess for comment and will update if and when she responds.

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