Cazzie David On Ending Her Web Series 'Eighty-Sixed' and Working With BF Pete Davidson

After 8 episodes, Cazzie David reflects on the first (and final) season of her series.

Eighty Sixed

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Eighty Sixed

Just five months ago Cazzie David took a tentative, but huge first step into comedy, a decidedly independent one despite it being a realm where her family name already carries big weight. The result was a resounding success. The first four episodes of her web series Eighty-Sixed, a low-key dry comedy chronicling a recently jilted, very neurotic girl leaning on her friends and social media to try to "win a break-up," struck a major chord, particularly with millennials who had yet to see such a familiar premise accurately presented within modern-day contexts like Instagram stalking or incidental narcissism.

Now, after eight installments across three drops, Cazzie has definitely labeled episode eight, "Texting," as the finale. Since we were there at the beginning, it was only right that Complex catch up with Yung David at the end for an exit interview. Particularly, why she's deciding to end so soon in this, the age of IP, how she came up with some of the series more bizarre and also uncomfortably relatable subplots, and how she nabbed boyfriend and SNL star Pete Davison for a dope cameo. 

Now that the first season is over, how satisfied are you looking back on it? What would you do differently, what are you most proud of?
I try not to look back too much on this in particular because I’d end up ruminating on every detail, and then regret making the series altogether. I’m definitely satisfied with the reception and how much some people related to them. I tend to feel misunderstood, so making something people could relate to was my only real goal from the start. 

Why stop at 8? Will there be a second season or are you moving on to other projects?
I didn’t want the web series to evolve too much, which would have been inevitable if we kept going. I just wanted it to be this short saga of this girl going through a break up. 

The fake cat scam in episode 7 was an especially bizarre plot, how'd you come up with that one?
It may or may not have been something that almost happened to Elisa and I

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I noticed the last few episodes really ramped up on Remi's neuroses. Was that, and episodes like "Birthday Monster​" a bid to really make the characters unlikable?
No, but thanks! I’m kidding. I think the amped up neuroses just came from getting to know what the characters think and worry about when the break-up isn’t taking up all of their attention.

Was the Instagram plot where Remi makes a fake account to stalk her ex, but everyone can see she made it inspired by real-life events? Because it's terrifying. 
It’s more “inspired by real notifications.” We noticed some of our friends made second Instagrams for their bands or businesses and we got a notification for it. We thought it had the potential to be hilarious/horrifying.

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How was it working with Pete for the first time? Were you selective about which ep he should appear in or was it more happenstance?
Originally we were going to find someone on the internet, but I was kind of nervous to have a stranger on set because our crew is so intimate (and I’m so insecure). Every role prior had been someone I knew and was comfortable around, which I know sounds crazy because that’s the job of a writer/actor, but I didn’t want that streak to end. I mentioned that more or less to Pete on the phone and the next thing I knew he was flying from NY to LA for 24 hours for this tiny role in my silly web series because he’s the sweetest person alive.

How far along are you on the Riverdale catch-up? Are you ready for season 2? Would you ever guest-star?
It’s the show of my dreams. I collected Archie comics when I was little and read them every night to go to sleep. I have probably six boxes full of them in my basement.​ I would play a dead body on that show if I could. 

Alternatively, what's been the absolute weirdest lifestyle change/or side effect that's happened since Eighty-Sixed blew up?
Nothing at all. I guess every every now and then one of my mom’s friends is like “congrats on the webseries!” and I’m just like, “congrats?” 

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