M. Night Shyamalan Has Talked With Marvel a ‘Couple of Times’ About Potential Projects

In the new interview, he also reveals his favorite Marvel movie.

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan

Image via Getty/Gilbert Carrasquillo

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan

As the Marvel Universe enters its Phase 4, it's possible that M. Night Shyamalan could sign on as a director. 

During a conversation with Phawker.com, the writer and director revealed that he's talked with Marvel on several occasions about working with the studio. 

"We've talked a couple of times," Shyamalan told Dan Tabor. "All good. I love what they do. They're amazing."

This response comes after Shyamalan opened up about his love for comic books. The director has created films in the genre including 2000's Unbreakable, 2016's Split, and this year's Glass

"I love comic books and what they mean to us narratively, mythically, and how we wish we could wake up something amazing in us," Shyamalan said before disclosing his favorite Marvel movie. 

"The first Iron Man was excellent. Excellent," he described. "I remember meeting (director Jon Favreau) at a party once and I told him, you know, I went over to him specifically, I just said, 'I thought you did something really, really deft, this grounded humor and the way Robert (Downey Jr.) really brought this flavor.' Of course, that became the Marvel brand, that type of humor. But at that time when I saw it, I was super taken because it was really super grounded. Even to this day, I still find it the most grounded of the MCU."

Earlier this month, Marvel announced a host of movies and projects slated for their upcoming Phase 4. While most of the directors for these projects have been revealed, there are still a host of television shows and potential sequels slates for their next wave of content. This leaves a lot of opportunities for Marvel to incorporate the acclaimed director into their brand. 

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