'True Detective' Star Woody Harrelson Wants to Sell Pot in Hawaii

Hawaii's about to go up in smoke.

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The pot business is boomingand actor Woody Harrelson wants in.

The True Detectivestar is among the 66 people vying to open one of Hawaii's first medical marijuana dispensaries, according to the Associated Press. The 54-year-old marijuana advocate submitted a license application to the City of Honolulu through Simple Organic Living, one of his companies.

Harrelson's not the only famous face seeking permission to get others high. Henk Rogerscreator of the time-sucking game Tetrisis also in the running.

The state plans to open 16 dispensaries in July and those interested need to quickly submit a boatload of cash. The AP reports that those who are interested "must have $1 million cash before applying for a licenses, plus $100,000 for each dispensary location."

So, basically, the marijuana business is helping the rich get richer. Isn't capitalism grand?

At least the Hunger Games actor has a very intimate relationship with the drug. In 2011, Harrelson spoke at Seattle Hempfest, which is billed as "the largest cannabis convocation in the world." "I recently decided to stop smoking, but I thought more about it and decided I didn't want to be a quitter!" he told a large crowd.

Two years later, he served as keynote speaker for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

So, if anybody can bring fire smoke to Hawaii, it's this guy.

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