George Lopez Fronted Money to Prince's Family During Their Trying Time

Prince's assets are currently frozen, so the comedian lent a helping hand.

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The world has been in a state of shock since the passing of legendary superstar Prince on April 21. On the day of his death, fans paid their respects by gathering outside of his Minnesota estate, and countless celebrities have spoken up about the lessons they learned from Prince and the immeasurably important legacy he leaves behind. While fans of Prince have surely felt the pangs of losing one of the most iconic figures in music history, the pain Prince's family members must be going through seems unimaginable. Luckily George Lopez is here to make things a bit easier for Prince's family as he's fronted some of them money during this difficult time.

The comedian and Prince were apparently close friends, which is how Lopez learned that all of Prince's assets had been frozen until a judge decided how to allocate them, TMZ reports. Prince was generous to his family during his life, steadily providing them with money, but his death has left some of them short on funds. In response Lopez has given Prince's siblings $20,000 to cover living and travel expenses. 

Apparently Lopez wanted his magnanimous act to remain anonymous, but the fact that he intervened at such a critical time for Prince's family is the kind of thing that gets out sooner or later. It's a comfort to know that there are generous celebrities like Lopez who think of those most affected by a celebrity's death: the family. 

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