Justin Hires Has Been Cast in the Chris Tucker Role For CBS' "Rush Hour"

The television reboot is finally falling into place.

Image via Huffington Post

CBS has just announced that Justin Hires has been cast to fill the shoes once worn by Chris Tucker, as he will play Detective Carter in the network's Rush Hour adaptation. Known for minor TV and film appearances in Stomp The Yard and Key & Peele, Hires has finally landed his first leading man credit with this large-scale TV version of the hit buddy cop franchise. 

Keeping the dynamic from the original movie in tact, Hires assumes the brash, cocksure detective role alongside his stern, straight-man partner from Hong Kong. Jon Foo, of Tekken and Bangkok Revenge fame, has already been tapped to play the role that made Jackie Chan an A-List star. 

[Via Deadline]



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