Eric Bauza Is The New Voice Of Jimmy Pesto On 'Bob's Burgers'

The Bugs Bunny voiceover actor did the voice of Bob's nemesis on last night's episode.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

A familiar voice has taken over the role of Jimmy Pesto on Bob's Burgers, and it's Eric Bauza.

The Canadian voiceover actor already does the voices for a bunch of familiar characters from the Looney Tunes world, including Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Pepé Le Pew, and Marvin the Martian, and now he'll tackle the role of Bob's across-the-street nemesis.

Bauza takes over for Jay Johnston, who was fired from the show after being involved in the Jan. 6 Capital Riot. Johnston was arrested for his participation in the riot.

He was introduced as the new voice of Jimmy on Sunday's episode, the fifth episode of Season 14, "Bully-ieve It or Not."

Johnston was charged with felony obstruction of officers during civil disorder, in addition to several misdemeanors, including “unlawful entry on restricted buildings or grounds” and “impeding passage through Capitol grounds," according to court documents obtained by NBC News.

Bauza commented on the new role in the most appropriate way possible: a burger emoji.

Bauza has also played a prominent role on the picket lines of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

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