Rob Kardashian Drove Over 20 Hours to Pick Up Blac Chyna in Texas

Rob Kardashian drove over 20 hours to pick up girlfriend Blac Chyna from Texas.

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At this point we're going to assume that Rob Kardashian has just fallen head over heels for Blac Chyna. It seems like yesterday (and maybe it was yesterday?) that we found out the two were dating. Then they moved into together. Then they pissed off the Kardashian-Jenner clan together. But Rob has now made the ultimate declaration of love.

After Chyna was arrested for public intoxication earlier this week in Austin, Rob decided to take his Bentley all the way down to Texas to pickup his girlfriend. That's a drive that—according to TMZ—is at least 19 hours long.

Chyna was arrested at 4:20 pm Central time, or 5:20 for us east coasters. The following day, at around 3:20 pm Eastern, a photo was posted of Chyna standing in front of a Bentley that matches Rob's Beverly Hills license plate. That means that he drove—probably without stopping—around 22 hours to get to his girlfriend.

Chyna then went on to post an Instagram video to celebrate her new freedom. We can assume she's in Rob's car.


If that's not love, I don't know what love is. Either way, we're excited/afraid to hear what Rob's family will have to say about all of this. 

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