The Police Are Bored of Giving Quentin Tarantino Attention

Cops to Quentin Tarainto: "We're not giving this guy any more free publicity."

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We can only hope that the feud between Quentin Tarantino and police departments all across the country is over. After the writer and director (and sometimes actor) called the police "murderers" at couple of police brutality rallies, many cops threatened to boycott and/or cause a scene at the premieres of his latest film, The Hateful Eight. They never did.

Just two days after The Hateful Eight debuted nationwide, there have been no reports of cops appearing or causing any sort of scene outside or inside theaters. 

"We're not giving this guy anymore free publicity. We have nothing to say about it," Albert O'Leary, spokesperson of the New York Patrolman’s Benevolent Association spokesperson told TheWrap on Saturday. It seems like other departments are taking the same approach.

Meanwhile, The Hateful Eight, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, did pretty well for itself on its opening weekend. According to TheWrap report, it has made $1.9 million across 44 cities. 

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