Donald Trump Calls For "A Temporary Shutdown of Muslims Entering the U.S." in First TV Ad

Donald Trump shares first television ad for presidential campaign.

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Today Donald Trump will drop his first television ad—and it's as controversial and upsetting as you thought it would be. Running at just over 30 seconds, the commercial features snapshots from the devastating San Bernardino shooting, and it has the Republican presidential candidate promising a "temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States." 

Trump doesn't even bother to attack any of his fellow Republicans, and instead opens the video with a fading image of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. An imposing voice then offers up some of Trump's more radical positions: his general attack on Muslims, his promise to "cut the head off ISIS and take their oil," and then of course his plan to combat illegal immigration by having the Mexican government build a huge wall on the border between our country and theirs. You can't forget the wall!

The ad was given to the Washington Post as an exclusive, and marks just one of a series of ads Trump will release before the Iowa Caucus. According to the news outlet, he has vowed to spend around $2 million a week on these sort of advertisements.

Anyway, watch the video, which isn't particularly surprising but is still inflammatory, above.  

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