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Americans are angry, or at least 49% of them are angrier about the world we live in today than they were last year. But, to no real surprise, the angriest of the bunch tend to be white and/or Republicans

An online poll conducted by NBC News/Survey Monkey/Esquire revealed just how angry Americans are—but it doesn't stop there. Apparently whites ranked among the angriest of all people, with 54% saying they have grown more angry in the past year. Meanwhile, Lations came in at 43% and African-Americans came in at 33%.

The poll also looked at political affiliations when it came to anger. 61% of Republicans are said to be angry, while for Democrats it's at 43%. But it gets even more comprehensive. The poll also looked at the specific issues that angered people from both parties. According to NBC, Republicans tend to be more angry about "Congressional dysfunction and consumer fraud," and Democrats "rank police shooting unarmed black men as the issue that makes them most mad."

While the poll offered some other interesting tidbits about what pisses off Americans, it also provided a neat chart breaking down the demographics of people affiliated with the Democratic and Republican parties. You can check that out below.