Daniel Radcliffe Is a Farting Corpse in His New Movie, Audience Members Walk Out

Daniel Radcliffe farts in his new movie. A lot.

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Daniel Radcliffe has done everything possible to secure his legacy outside of the Harry Potter films. The latest in his ever-growing filmography has just played at Sundance, and it sounds pretty weird.

At a packed theater in Park City, Utah, festival goers and industry people gathered to watch Swiss Army Man, the debut film from music video directors Dan Kwan and Daniel ScheinertSwiss Army Man stars Paul Dano as a man stranded on an island who must make use of a corpse (Radcliffe) to get back to the mainland. And according to early reports, this corpse, which apparently is not entirely a corpse, farts—a lot.

According to Variety, the film and its bizarre subject matter caused a lot of uproar. People stood up and left the theater.

Not only does Radcliffe fart in the movie, but apparently there's a lot of existential talk between his character and Dano's about masturbation. Not to mention, Radcliffe is also said to maintain an erection throughout the film. 

Swiss Army Man sounds like Cast Away meets something very raunchy. Just from this I can't personally imagine wanting to walk out, but perhaps the strange indie wasn't exactly what the festival crowd had in mind. 

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