Alec Baldwin Is Back as Donald Trump to Befriend Aliens in 'SNL' Cold Open

Alec Baldwin reprises his role as Donald Trump who tries to keep a world calm when aliens invade.

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Alec Baldwin is back as President Donald Trump. This time, SNL imagines what President Trump would do in the event aliens attack planet Earth.

In the skit, it’s 2018 and aliens from the Zorblatt 9 landed on Earth to takeover. After a motivational speech by Kenan Thompson, who plays a general, to his military men and women, we get a word from the commander-in-chief. “We know the aliens are killing us, sir. We have the most weaponized technology we ever seen. What should we do?” Thompson asks Trump.

Trump then spouts all kinds of jargon and complaints we’ve heard numerous times since he was inaugurated. The popular vote. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The business of Trump Tower. His relationship with the media. Illegal immigrants in America. You get the idea.

Watch what happens when aliens attack and President Trump has to save us, above.

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