Canadians Are Reselling Empty Timbiebs Boxes for Thousands of Dollars

Justin Bieber's collaboration with Tim Hortons is proving to be wildly successful as 'Timbiebs' are being sold online for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Justin Bieber posing with a box of Timbiebs for his new Tim Hortons campaign.

Image via Tim Hortons

Justin Bieber posing with a box of Timbiebs for his new Tim Hortons campaign.

Earlier this week, Justin Bieber’s much-hyped Tim Horton’s collaboration, Timbiebs, finally went on sale. The bite-sized treats are undoubtedly tasty, but we’re not too sure if people would be willing to drop a hefty $1 million for them. That’s exactly how much a Faceboook Marketplace posting was selling Timbiebs for just a few days ago.

A Facebook Marketplace posting selling TimBiebs for 1 million dollars.

Considering the selling description states, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the limited edition Tim-Biebs timbits approved by the man himself Justin Bieber and by the under 12 years of age Justin Bieber fanboy association,” it’s most likely just a joke. You never know, though, and there could be a Belieber out there somewhere who just spent top dollar for some tasty Timbiebs.

If $1 million was too outside of your price range this holiday season, interested shoppers can check out another listing that is pricing two “mint condition” Timbiebs boxes for $5000. They also let you know that ‘crumbs are included,’ so it’s pretty much a bargain deal.

A Facebook Marketplace posting selling TimBiebs boxes for 5 thousand dollars.

Another seller in Guelph is selling an “almost full” box of Timbiebs for $4,985. However, there may be additional costs if you request some photos before purchasing, as the seller states, “Extra pics are $10 each. You don’t need any dimensions, it fits, trust me. I also have toilet paper for an extra charge.” 

Meanwhile, the accompanying Timbiebs merch is also going for quite a pretty penny. While the toque retails at $29 and the tote and fanny pack are $33 apiece, people are reselling the items for hundreds of dollars. Facebook Marketplace currently has the toques going for as high as $250 and the whole set going for as much as $400.

At this rate, Timbiebs boxes could be worth millions more decades from now. Only time will tell.

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