Watch the Insane Footage of Jay Leno's Flipped Car Crash

Leno was in a car crash last week while filming for his show 'Jay Leno's Garage' in California.

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Former Tonight Show host and car enthusiastJay Leno was in a rough car accident last week while filming for his show Jay Leno's Garage in California, Entertainment Weekly reports. Leno reportedly survived the crash without injuries.

A preview of the episode with footage of the crash was posted was posted to YouTube on Friday. Leno rode in the passenger seat while Riggle drove the 2,500 horsepower Hemi Under Glass. The preview shows Riggle driving the car on its two back wheels before taking a fast turn. While taking the turn, the car suddenly flipped and rolled over twice, leaving Leno and Riggle violently bouncing around inside.

Both Riggle and Leno were wearing helmets, and emerged from the crash unharmed, with Leno telling one of the show's producers, "It doesn't get more exciting than that." Leno also joked right after the crash that he does "stuff like this every week. That's why I have so many cars."

While the men were unscathed, the body of the Hemi Under Glass was thoroughly beat up. Riggle said it would likely need a new body, but the engine made it out okay. 

At the end of the episode preview, 66-year-old Leno told the camera, "Stuff to do when you’re 80, we’ll call this," referring to Riggle's age. Leno also said that riding with famed stunt driver Bob Riggle, who was driving the car during the crash, was a "bucket list" event for him.​

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