Washington State's Football Coach Bans Players From Twitter

Maybe the players should take their talents to Facebook instead?

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Don't try to tempt or heckle players from Washington State's football team by invading their mentions or DMs on Twitter. They won't read 'em. Head coach Mike Leach this week issued a team-wide Twitter ban. 

Why did Leach ban his players from Twitter? In a statement to CBS Sports, he frankly said "I decided to, that's what prompted [the ban]."

Leach has called on fans and the media to help monitor his players online activity to ensure they never get the Twitter bug. “Twitter’s banned and quite frankly, if after today you see anything on Twitter from our team—and I don’t care if it says, ‘I love life’—I would like to see it, because I will suspend them,” Leach said in a statement to the Spokesman-Review.

Washington State is not the first college to enforce social media bans on athletes. Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher banned his players from Twitter in July. 

Oregon coach Chip Kelly has a totally different outlook on the Twitter bans of players. "If you can't trust your players on Twitter...you probably can't trust them on third down," Kelly told the  Oregonian.

Do you think it's OK for coaches to ban their players from Twitter? Could the ban be beneficial to the players of Washington State and Florida State? 

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