Denzel Washington Being Targeted for “Magnificent Seven” Remake

Denzel Washington is being targeted by director Antoine Fuqua for a remake of "The Magnificent Seven."

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Even though their next movie (The Equalizer) is still months away from hitting theaters, Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua are rumored to already have their next project lined up.

MGM is keen on remaking The Magnificent Seven, originally released in 1960 and starring legendary action hero Steve McQueen. The basic story of the movie—which has also been featured in comics, books, and on TV—is that a group of seven gunslingers are hired to protect a small village in Mexico from a large group of bandits, and is actually based on an earlier Japanese film called The Seven Samurai.

According to Indiewire, the studio offered Fuqua the directing gig last week. While there’s been no official word that he’s taken it, the same report suggests that not only has he already agreed to do the project, but he’s also approached Denzel about playing the lead.

Fuqua and Washington have previously teamed up on Training Day, a movie we can all agree was pretty awesome. The Equalizer looks highly entertaining too, given the formula of “have a wise-ass Denzel kick a bunch of people’s asses” is a recipe for instant cinematic success.

Fuqua’s most recent work was the vastly-underrated Olympus Has Fallen, which was overshadowed by the very similarly-timed and plotted White House Down. In his and Washington’s hands, this remake would actually have a chance to be great.

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