Allen & Co. Executive Harry Wagner Doored an NYC City Biker and Promptly PEACED

Allen & Co. Executive Harry Wagner Doored an NYC City Biker and Promptly PEACED.

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This afternoon in New York City on Sixth Avenue between 53rd and 54th street, a Complex staffer witnessed Allen & Company Managing Director Harry Wagner violently door a Citi Bike rider. The rider flew over the handlebars, hit his head on the curb, and suffered a severe laceration on his left ring finger. The back of his head was also bleeding and he went white in the face, was very disoriented, and had a hard time speaking.


After hitting the cyclist, the man who doored him, Wagner, emerged from the back of the Lincoln Towncar (that belonged to BPTG Car Service) and quickly pulled him to his feet. Wagner then threw a business card to his driver and took off running towards 54th and Fifth Avenue, even as witnesses yelled at him to come back. “It's just a cut, he's fine,” the staffer told us Wagner said, before adding, “The driver knows me, I ride with him all the time.”

The driver quickly said that it was the first time he had ever driven this man, whom he knew only as a VIP client headed to a meeting with Coca Cola in a building on Fifth Avenue. At this point, multiple witnesses had stopped to assist the cyclist by dialing 911, talking with the driver, and photographing the scene.

To his credit, the driver of the Towncar stayed with the cyclist until he had been loaded into the ambulance and gave him both his and the company’s contact information.

It was then that witnesses realized that the businessman who was way too scared to stay and help the bleeding person he had just thrown off his bike was Wagner, the Managing Director of Allen & Company. He is most recently known as one of the primary bankers who helped Facebook in its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp Inc.



You can read more on Wagner and Allen & Co. here.

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