Cheating Wife Gets Caught After Snapchat Slip-Up

This wife's sexy snap didn't go as planned.

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Cheaters get caught slippin’ on Snapchat—and on various social media sites—all the time, but this cheating wife really dropped the ball. 

A woman identified only as “Chelsea” was reportedly on a business trip (probably a lie) when she snapped her husband sexy photos of herself in her hotel room. Her scheme was foiled when one of her photo’s pictured something her husband did not want to see—men’s boots. 

Chelsea’s husband was quick to notice the boots and immediately accused of her of being with someone else in the room, which she denied. Tired of being made a fool, Chelsea’s husband pointed out the cheating evidence saying, “I can’t go through this again. I’m calling a lawyer.”

Being cheated on once is bad enough, but two times? The only thing that would’ve made this more messed up is if the side dude was the one taking and sending the photos, which seems to have been the case because how could she sign off on those snaps before looking them over, even for quality sake or something. Reckless.

[via Mandatory]

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