Aside from providing hours upon hours of intellectually stimulating exchanges of brief affirmations of humanity, Snapchat also offers the perfect platform for less-than-slick cheaters to get bafflingly busted. This attempt starts innocuously enough, with a cocky cheating girlfriend snapchatting her significant other with the following fire starter:

Quickly slipping into proper Snapchat attire (no shirt, namely) and devising a short but clever retort, the boyfriend responds:

Now, this is loaded enough as it stands: proudly cheating girlfriend Snapchats boyfriend a pic of his brother presumably enjoying the fruits of familial labor, boyfriend responds with a halfhearted thumbs up. Downright American, yeah? Sitcom material, really. However, karma has a certain way of intervening on sitcom-like incidents by thrusting the strong arm of reality upon its abusers:

Oh? Do tell!

So, hey, don't forget that condoms still exist.