Batter Up! ‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Villainous Negan

'The Walking Dead's' new villain, Negan, has been cast.

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Spoiler warning in case there’s still someone on this earth that doesn’t know that one Walking Dead character that died (or didn’t). It’s been two weeks already, fam.

The Walking Dead’s sixth season is nearing the end of its first half with only three episodes left, and although we still haven’t gotten a clear answer to whether or not Glenn is alive, there’s already bigger news on the horizon. The show has cast the comic's infamous villain Negan and he’ll be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, currently in The Good Wife and best known for his roles in Watchmen and Grey's Anatomy, according to The Hollywood Reporter

We can all agree The Governor was a joke, the equivalent of Carl and Ron’s pitiful slap fight in this Sunday’s episode. Negan, in comparison, will blow him out of the water. Negan’s best known for his baseball bat weapon which he affectionately calls Lucille and (Spoiler from the comics) uses to kill Glenn. If Glenn’s revealed to be alive just so that he’s finished off by Negan I might die. 

The show teased Glenn’s comic book death in season five when a Termite was gearing up to swing a bat at Glenn’s head and when Glenn himself used a baseball bat as a weapon later in the season. 

THR says fans can expect Negan’s nefarious debut in season six’s finale.  

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