Twitter's Employees Are Zero Percent Black Women

Twitter's employee diversity is alarming.

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Having Hillary Clinton in the running for president may make you all warm and fuzzy inside, hopeful even that gender wage gaps will soon become a thing of the past and women will no longer be second-class citizens (or worse, if you’re a minority.) And then you see the pathetic percentages today’s biggest tech companies boast when it comes to racial diversity. How pathetic? Black women account for zero percent of Twitter’s employees.

The Verge created a graph using Equal Employment Opportunity report data from 2014 for: Apple, Google,Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel. It broke down each company’s racial diversity into gender and race/ethnicity. As previewed above, the most unsettling stat came when looking at black women employees in these companies. Amazon was the “best” with a whole 7 percent, while Twitter was the worst with zero percent for it’s 14 black women employees out of almost 3000 employees. (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Intel, each had one percent. Apple had 3 percent.)

Tech companies like Google—which in an effort to be transparent revealed last year that Black and Hispanic employees only made up five percent of its employees—and Apple are taking the steps to change these numbers. This summer Apple announced plans to donate $50 million to non-profits that would help bring more women and minorities into tech. But there's still more work to be done.

You can look at the complete breakdown here.

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