'Stranger Things' Beats Out 'Making a Murderer,' 'Daredevil' in Netflix Ratings

'Stranger Things' beats out fellow Netflix originals 'Making a Murderer' and 'Daredevil' in ratings.

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Netflix’s Stranger Things has turned the summer TV season upside down with its popularity beating out huge Netflix originals like Making a Murderer and Marvel’s Daredevil, SymphonyAM has reported.

The ‘80s influenced sci-fi series released its eight-episode season—making it ideal for binge watching—July 15. SymphonyAM, a Netflix ratings startup, toldBusiness Insider that 8.2 million people watched Stranger Things in the first 16 days of its release.

According to SymphonyAM’s dataStranger Things proved more popular than other Netflix originals such as Narcos, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and House of Cards. The feat is all the more impressive considering the unknown rookie has beaten out four season Netflix veteran HoC and large properties like Marvel. Stranger Things only trailed behind Orange Is the New Black, now in its fourth season, and the Full House rebootFuller House. No wonder the latter has already been renewed for a second season, because nostalgia or whatever.

But SymphonyAM’s data needs to be taken with a grain of salt considering Netflix doesn’t release ratings.  

Making a Murderer and Daredevil will both get a chance to win back ratings when the series return for season two and season three respectively.

You can stream Stranger Things on Netflix and after you do read Complex’s interview about picking the show’s music with Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer as you patiently wait for a most likely second season.

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