Pokémon Go Starts Overseas Stampede in Taiwan

Pokémon Go players start stampede in Taiwan.

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Pokémon Go may not be doing anything more than just saving small-town ice cream shops in the U.S. these days, but it's still poppin' overseas. This weekend, video evidence came to light that the game caused a stampede in Taiwan. A video of the incident—larger than the Pokémon Go stampede seen last month in New York City—has gone viral, with 3.5 million views on Facebook since it was posted over the weekend.

The video was posted on Facebook Saturday by a user in Taiwan's capital Taipei, Timereported. In the video, hundreds of people are seen crossing the streets in the middle of the day in pursuit of the rare Snorlax. If you'll look closely, you'll see that the players, while rabid, were also respectful of traffic laws, waiting for the light before crossing. As yet, there is no word on whether anyone was hurt in the making of this epic Poké catch.

Within the first week of Pokémon Go's U.S. release, there was a stampede captured on video at New York City's Central Park as players chased the rare Vaporeon. Since then, the game has gone on to help one player lose 25 pounds, lead to the discovery of two dead bodies, and caused countless more legal troubles.

Up next for Pokémon is new games Sun and Moon, and maybe even a real-world Poké ball.

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