No longer able to take the title of first person to catch all 142 Pokémon available in the U.S., Roberto Vazquez became the self-proclaimed first Toronto Pokémon Go player to catch ‘em all. CBC News reported that in the process Vazquez lost 25 pounds, so he might've also racked up a $5,000 phone bill playing Pokémon Go, but that's just a minor detail.

CBC News spoke to the 24-year-old professional photographer who said he walked—and ran—a total of 266 kilometers, that's 165 miles for us Americans who don't use the metric system. He even provided screenshots of the app to CBC News showing his walking distance. This was all in three and a half weeks.

Vazquez, who posted about his accomplishment on social media, declared himself Toronto's first master after checking in with fellow players.

"At first, I was just playing around just like everyone else," he told CBC News. "But as I got closer to the actual number, I just got more dedicated to actually finishing."

He said he was walking 20 to 40 kilometers daily, or 12 to 25 miles. "Forget P90X," Vazquez said about the home exercise regimen.

Vazquez told CBC News searching for Pokémon let him meet people and explore his city. "I'm a little scared to check my phone bill," he said.

Vazquez posted a video of his profile—He’s Team Valor—and his Pokédex to show off all the Pokémon he’s caught. But when you look at the Pokédex it says it’s spotted 143 Pokémon which means he would’ve had to travel to another country or else it wouldn’t have been possible because three Pokémon are exclusive to other countries, while six others, which includes legendary Pokémon, have yet to be seen.

Vazquez, showing true courage against the internet, admitted he tried to cheat by getting his friend in Asia to sign into his account in order to get the Pokémon exclusive to Asia: Farfetch'd. Vazquez elaborated: "I received a warning and decided not to continue with that as I was scared of losing my account."

Lucky for Vazquez he will be traveling to Asia for work in a few months and hopes to catch Farfetch'd.