In a case similar to the Wyoming teen Pokémon hunting who came across a body floating face down in a river another Pokémon Go player has discovered a dead body, this time in New Hampshire reported Nashua Patch.

Nashua Police said the body was discovered in Nashua's Rotary Park at around 2:00 p.m. The body was said to be floating in Salmon Brook, located behind the Holocaust Memorial.

"Apparently the person...was playing this Pokémon game, which led him to an obscure spot," Nashua police Lt. Robert Giggi told reporters at the crime scene reported the Nashua Patch. "That's how he came across the victim."

The body was pulled from the water and the victim has so far only been identified as an adult man by police.

As of now the victim's cause of death is unknown. It's also unknown whether or not the victim was playing Pokémon Go at his time of death. According to the Nashua Patch an autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

Rotary Park is reportedly a "Pokestop" where players frequent for items in the game.

This is the latest bit of bad news attached to Pokémon Go. The game has so far caused players to fall off cliffs, gotten people robbed, and even caused one guy to get stabbed all in the name of the game.

Pokémon Go's increasing popularity has even led presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to take notice and make terrible references about the game.