Pokémon Porn Searches Are Popping Off Because Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has created a surge in people searching for Pokémon porn.

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Nintendo's value isn't the only thing that's up. Thanks to the growing Pokémon Go craze, Pokémon porn searches are on the rise.

The quest to be the very best has caused Pokémon Go users stress, and even trauma if you're the teen who discovered a dead body while out on a Pokémon excursion or someone who got robbed because of the game. Some masters-in-training have even gotten themselves in trouble for playing during work hours, including a soldier battling ISIS. Users turning to porn for their Pokémon de-stressing needs have made Pokémon the top search, Death and Taxes reported. And with the game's popularity only expected to increase when its soon released in Japan and Europe, according to the Wall Street Journal, Pokémon porn searches will grow too.

In a press release Alex Hawkins, spokesperson for porn site xHamster.com, wrote:

"In the last five days we have seen a giant shift in porn searches. Our top searches, which usually consist of 'MILF,' 'Teen,' and 'Interracial' have been replaced with 'Pokemon,' 'Pikachu,' 'Hentai,' and 'Anime.'"

YouPorn even bestowed a prestigious badge on Pokémon Go for its popularity.

Congratulations @NintendoAmerica! You've broken the Internet. Pokemon Go is officially more popular than porn! pic.twitter.com/GrR1nUGV8p

In a press release YouPorn wrote: "[YouPorn] is giving Pokémon Go its very own badge for its recent conquering of the internet, as well as the hearts and minds of Americans. In Pokemon you earn badges for defeating gym leaders. YouPorn concedes the Wood Badge to Nintendo for dethroning porn as a top search term."

Bet you'll never think about pokéballs the same way again.

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