Hoverboards Are Being Used for Sex Now

People are finding new ways to use hoverboards, like for sex.

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Hoverboards, although as taken seriously as wheelies ever were, are having a cultural moment. Sure its existence is controversial, especially these days when more hoverboards are exploding and destroying homes, but hover boards were born from a fantasy, that fantasy being that humans can fly. After epically failing to fulfill that fantasy the hoverboard is now helping people fulfill other fantasies—the sexual kind. People are having sex on hoverboards. 

The cultural anthropologists over at Broadly looked into the new niche sexual movement by talking to a couple of twenty-somethings about their relationships to hoverboards and the possibilities of having sex on one. But before we get into that here's a couple of real (not to mention NSFW) videos of athletes people in the act of hoverboard sex

Both interviewees Julie and Drew were asked whether they thought hoverboards were sexy. A self-described uncoordinated person Julie said she's ridden a hoverboard or a "slightly upgraded skateboard" as she called it, but hasn’t had sex on one. "There is literally nothing sexy about a hoverboard, said Julie. "They're about as sexy as a boomerang." Drew also doubted the board's sex appeal only slightly considering it being attractive if someone's trying to flex with how much they spent on it. "But hoverboards aren't even that expensive! They're like the Ed Hardy of shit you can put beneath your feet," said Drew. That being said Drew admitted he's asked his girlfriend for "hoversex" several times. 

Hoversex: the way of future sex or a speedy trip to the emergency room? What do y’all think? 

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