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All the Back to the Future anniversary celebrations may have come to their inevitable conclusion, but the heated debate surrounding the persistence of so-called "hoverboards" that don't actually hover remains a source of contention for people all across the world. "If they don't hover," one might ponder, "then what's the deal with calling them hoverboards?" Good question. Thankfully, The Daily Show got the incomparable Jessica Williams on the case to figure out this nonsense on behalf of an entire generation of frustrated, would-be futurists.

"This isn't the future," Williams says when presented with an IO Hawk hoverboard. "This is bullshit." Profoundly disappointed, Williams takes her search for an actual hovering board (see: hoverboard) to the Hovertrax offices to speak with Shane Chen for some additional disappointment: "It's not really hovering," admits Chen. "But it's a cool name." Bummer.

Also, this guy shows up:

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