Naya Rivera Is Naked and Pregnant in Sultry Photoshoot

The 'Glee' star poses with her baby bump.

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Coinciding with doppelgänger Kim Kardashian’s own naked pregnancy photo post, an (almost) naked pregnancy photo of Naya Rivera—she's wearing tiny shorts—was released as part of a shoot for Yahoo. You’ll remember that time she announced said pregnancy on the same day as her ex Big Sean dropped Dark Sky Paradise. You’ll also remember when she shaded Kim for her now infamous Paper Magazine cover saying, 

“I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother.”

The internet never forgets and people are dragging Rivera all over her Instagram calling her a hypocrite. Rivera finally addressed the ill-timed photo release in a series of tweets saying she had no part in when the photos and accompanying story would run, while justifying the shoot (and her naked photo) by saying she chose to document this “beautiful” and “special” time.

Rivera talked to Yahoo about her pregnancy saying, 

"It’s such a change physically, mentally and in terms of lifestyle, that I definitely didn’t know what to expect going into it. I have friends who are moms, and you hear stories and stuff, but it’s never the same until you actually experience it yourself."

So has Rivera changed her mind, or does she stand by what she said? Seeing her tweet about how she's technically not completely naked in the photo, we'd go with the latter:

[via Huffington Post]

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