'Fear the Walking Dead' Season Two Teaser Proves You Can Run But You Can't Hide From Walkers

Here's the first teaser trailer for season two of 'Fear the Walking Dead.'

Image via AMC

The Walking Dead's sixth season has returned and its first two episodes have had fans raving about its season premiere deathfest and a romantic surprise (We ship it!) in episode two. AMC hopes to bank on the excitement after the season's end when companion series Fear the Walking Dead returns, as evidenced by its April 10 premiere date. FTWD already got mind-blowing ratings for its first season, landing the title of the highest-rated first season in cable history so the pressure is on to avoid the sophomore slump. A new teaser trailer for season two shows maybe audiences shouldn't fear a slump. 

Set in Los Angeles, Fear the Walking Dead premiered last summer so in the event people were out having a life and not watching we'll skip spoilers. The action-packed teaser trailer titled "No Safe Harbor" and provided exclusively to IGN shows the group on a beach fighting against walkers, and even some gun-toting humans! Over the teaser Madison, one of the main characters, says, "To kill the monster, you become the monster." Fans of TWD will be reminded of one of Rick's epic speeches in the series when he tells the group: "That's the trick of it, I think. We do what we need to do, and then we get to live…This is how we survive: We tell ourselves that we are the walking dead."

Fear the Walking Dead's 15-episode season will be split in half like TWD with the rest of the episodes airing later. TWD season six finale (said to have been shot twice because of foul-mouthed Negan) will reportedly be sickening according to Andrew Lincoln, so maybe viewers won't be able to bear to watch more despair in FTWD afterwards.

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