Everyone's favorite zombie spin-off companion show is set to return for season two and it looks like it's back way before anyone anticipated. AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, which continued the network's cable TV reign (with the possibility of other Dead shows to do so), will apparently piggyback on the walker-like momentum of The Walking Dead's second half of season six when it premieres April 10.

Like The Walking Dead the season will be divided into two halves with the rest of the 15 episodes airing later. Airing at 9:00 p.m. ET Fear the Walking Dead will be forced into the big leagues when it goes up against Game of Thrones, which is returning for season six. Last year's summer premiere meant smooth sailing for Fear. Really the choice is a no-brainer (get it): Go with Thrones

Oh, and have yourself a Walking Dead viewing party when it returns Feb. 14 because who needs love anyway?