Dads React to Their Daughters Being Catcalled

How many catcalling videos will it take to make this real?

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Most men—for you “not all men”  preachers—(and some women) don’t understand how truly horrible catcalling is and how it’s a bs problem women deal with daily. Some men need to see it to believe it in order to validate the experiences of women, like these boyfriends, or now, these dads. Watch as they see what it’s like to be harassed on the streets of New York City, south of 34th street in Manhattan, when you’re just trying to get somewhere. It happens so often that a Cornell University statistic that appears at the beginning of the video reads,

“96% of American women 40 years old and younger have experienced street harassment in the past year.”

Because it needs to repeated: Don’t cat call women. Don’t do it because you think to yourself, that’s someone’s sister, girlfriend, daughter. Just don’t do it because they’re a person and it’s a shitty thing to do. 

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