A lot of men are aware that catcalling is a thing but they don't realize to what extent, because most of it happens in their absence. Most men are trash, yes, but a surprising number of them don't even try to hide the fact. 

In a new Cosmopolitan video called Men React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled, dudes (seemingly/hopefully in the non-trash category) are shown secret video footage taken of their girlfriends casually walking down the street. All of them get catcalled in some form—whether just a "baby girl" shout-out, or a foot massage offer—and all of them happen in broad daylight. SCUM, ALL OF YOU! The boyfriends' reactions range from uncomfortable astonishment to rage, as they find out just how blatantly sexist these men can be. 

Stay woke, dudes, stay woke: This is the kind of shit that happens to us ladies when we're out on our own. And it happens WAY more frequently than you'd think.